There are about 20 campingsites on the Faroe Islands, and the standard is varied. has tried to make an inventory to be able to provide a quick and easy overview of each campingsite. We have also grouped the sites by giving 1-5 stars.

Below is an overview of how the stars have been awarded.


1 star

is awarded for

  • Bulletin with the owner’s phone number(s) and telephone hours
  • Emergency numbers (112)
  • Fire equipment
  • Toilet and showers
  • Electricity for each unit
  • Faucet for drinking-water, min. 4 meters from disposal-site – Should be clearly marked
  • A disposal-site for wastewater and emptying of septic tanks
  • Water for rinsing – Sould be clearly marked

2 stars

are awarded for

  • Bulletin with shopping-possibilities and a map of the surrounding area
  • Outside table-space with sink and water for the campers and others
  • Men and Women’s toilets and showers. The shower-rooms should have at least one plug and a mirror

3 stars

are awarded for

  • Kitchen with essentials
  • Common area
  • Washing machine and drier
  • Max. 50 meters between the van and drinking-water

4 stars

are awarded for

  • Baby changing facilities
  • Playground / area for ball-games

5 stars

are awarded for

  • Has a reception with a small kiosk from 20th June to 20th August, which should be open at least twice a day for one hour. It should have scheduled opening-hours and these should be clearly marked
  • A drain for wastewater available for each van